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Affordable Housing at Brio

In partnership with ARCH and the City of Bellevue, Brio is proud to offer affordable housing under the Moderate-Income Programs. The Program aims to provide stable, rent-restricted housing for Moderate-income households. And to increase affordable housing opportunities in Bellevue to ensure homes remain affordable over time.

Housing Options

Brio proudly participates in the ARCH Moderate Income Program, providing apartments to eligible individuals and families. If you're interested in learning more about availability and eligibility requirements based on household size, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

One Bedroom: Starting at $1,945 | 1 unit | 789 sq. ft.

brio affordable maximums

Qualification Requirements

The Program requires all applicants to complete a Tenant Income Certification Form at Initial Certification and Annual Recertification and provide the following income documents. Additional documents may be requested to determine eligibility through the ARCH audit requirements.

Regular Employed
• Completed ARCH Eligibility Pack
• Previous year’s W2
• Most recent tax returns
• 3 months of paystubs from all employment OR;
• Offer Letter detailing start date, salary, hours expected to work, and rate per hour (if hourly)

Non-Tax Filing Applicant
• Completed ARCH Eligibility Pack
• 3 months of paystubs/benefits (if applicable)
• Completed Non-Tax Filing Form
• Pension/SSI/Disability paperwork

Self-Employed Applicant
• Completed ARCH Eligibility Pack
• 2 years of tax returns OR a Self-Employment Affidavit
• Most recent 1099 form
• A letter of engagement/project contract that outlines:
 • Start Date
 • End Date
 • Schedule for Payment of Fees

Other included in income:
• Recurring monthly payments from family members/friends (verified with bank statements and gift affidavit)
• Child Support (court schedule of payments and amounts)
• Legal Settlement Payouts
• Alimony/Palimony
• Cost of Living Stipends/Grants

More Information

We also require a minimum of 2.8 times the monthly rent to qualify. If you have any questions or would like to apply, please reach out to us at [email protected].