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UDR Careers


Why We Work Here

Evan W Sales Headshot

“Opportunities to Grow”

Most employees will tell you that their favorite thing about UDR is the people. It’s a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. The company cares about its employees. The company also has a commitment to employees’ well-being, which is evident in its benefits. Over the years, I’ve changed roles several times, and there are a variety of career paths available. If you have an interest in advancing your career, there are opportunities to grow. One of the reasons I’ve been with the company for nine years is that the work is meaningful. What you do contributes not only to the company and its success but also to the happiness of the residents who live in UDR buildings. I highly recommend UDR. - Evan W.

Randy M Sales Headshot

“UDR is a Top Employer”

My favorite thing about UDR is the bonus structure and the availability to peer into your progress throughout the month. The bonus structure makes UDR a top employer in my opinion and then the transparency makes all associates feel a lot better about goal attainment! - Randy M.

Jesus C CALS Team Headshot

“A Rewarding Experience”

Working at UDR has been a rewarding experience for me, and there are several reasons why I enjoy being part of this organization. From day one, I've felt welcomed and valued as a member of the team. There's a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues, and everyone is genuinely invested in each other's success.- Jesus C.

Take your Career to the Next Level


Opportunities for Growth

The UDR Sales & Revenue teams support leasing, applications, and renewals and drive revenue initiatives for our residents.

Service Your Customer With Purpose and Passion

Centralized Sales Specialists (CSS) prioritize managing the sales process and securing leases. Working closely with prospects, they meticulously assess needs and preferences to find the perfect apartment home aligning with the prospects' lifestyle. In the role of Centralized Application & Lease Specialists (CALS), they pride themselves on guiding future residents through the application process and ensuring seamless lease execution. Serving as Centralized Renewals Specialists (CRS), they offer valuable assistance to current residents, facilitating the lease renewal process and contributing to resident retention efforts.

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